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A Bridge To "The Other": The Unenfranchised Employee

We are living in a time of the greatest global migration since the early twentieth century.  People once linked to land and strong cultural institutions are on the move and vulnerable.  We are also living in a time of fear of “the other”.  

Restaurant workers and the hospitality business have an opportunity to lift up the vulnerable by providing honest work at a decent wage, which allows new roots to grow.  In exchange, migrants and other feared disenfranchised groups like ex-cons can teach all of us that we’re all working for the same thing, security, the belonging of family, pride of work, recognition for excellence.  It’s no longer enough to search for deliciousness in isolation. Deliciousness needs to be in service of a larger idea.

Hear as KCRW’s Evan Kleiman takes an in-depth look at chefs and back of house teams working to draw attention to these issues and help us build empathy for these real questions around our food.