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Angelenos Eating Well: A Chat with Wes Avila and Snacky Tunes

When Chef Wes Avila first started Guerrilla Tacos in 2012 he wasn’t setting out to do something different—he was setting out to do something good. He had gone to culinary schools in California and France, had cooked alongside some of the most recognized chefs in the world—Walter Manske at L’Auberge, Gary Menes at Le Comptoir, Alain Ducasse at Le Centre de Le Formacion—but he had still not found his own style.

Then, one day while driving through his home city in Pico Rivera of East LA, the idea hit him like a stick slamming into a pinata. Tacos. The perfect medium. They were approachable and unpretentious, but could be made into the small and perfected fine-dining meals he had studied and loved. Tacos. He could make them with locally sourced ingredients and experiment with unique recipes and not have to worry about serving them with all the pretense of a fine dining establishment. Tacos, it was the way he would bring gourmet to the street and do something good.

Empty storefronts, stairwells & garage spaces in Downtown LA might be the last place you’d think to find a world class chef experimenting with new menus, but that is just where people with a passion for their craft, like Wes, share their love for food and this city of Los Angeles.

Join Darin Bresnitz and Greg Bresnitz, the co-hosts of Snacky Tunes (a food & music radio show on Brooklyn's Heritage Radio Network), for a discussion on the food, music and culture that people bring to LA, and how people make it in this city.


About Snacky Tunes:

Every Sunday, Snacky Tunes co-hosts Darin and Greg Bresnitz--brothers since birth, dance music DJ partners, dim sum lovers and whiskey aficionados--explore and celebrate the cultural convergence of music and food. Tune in as they stir up conversation with the world's top gastronomic talents, while also plugging in the amps for the best of this generation's up-and-coming musicians.