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Women On the Line: How The Restaurant Industry Can and Must Be More Inclusive

  • The Line Hotel 3515 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90010 United States (map)

From unmaking the cultures of machismo and misogyny, to handling the intense needs of the back of house while still having it be a pleasurable experience, chefs are seeking to find constructive ways of push their teams to new levels of greatness. But still in today's restaurant industry, the male approach dominates and the female one is overlooked. Undoubtedly, building greater gender equality and finding ways to increase the opportunities for women to become chefs and head cooks, is an integral part of the future kitchen. 

Has Los Angeles transcended these politics because so many of the city's best and most lauded chefs are women? If so, what's different about the LA food scene? How can we make the industry more welcoming to women (i.e. the Pulitzer or Nobel or Booker prizes are not divided by sex)? Join moderator Lara Rabinovitch Neuman —a specialist in food culture and history, and the Consulting Producer for the "City of Gold” documentary— for a discussion on these issues with several of Los Angeles’s most notable chefs.